The Freshies STORY


Freshies History

Freshies originated in 2004 when our customers began requesting fresh food. Maine needed something different than the traditional convenience store, that went beyond just gasoline, tobacco, and beer.  This led us to taking hold of the opportunity to reinvent ourselves into something new to better serve you, to reinvent ourselves into a program focused around fresh food and healthier options.

Why Freshies?

We named ourselves Freshies because we wanted to be explicitly blunt about the quality of our food; making it on site with the best ingredients. We wanted to set the bar insanely high, and if we call ourselves fresh but deliver anything less than that… we’re not our brand.

Our goal is to create the best value and OBSESS over freshness with our brand.

For us, fresh isn't just a word, it's who we are.


We started with one store, and now we’ve expanded greatly in a short amount of time. All of our stores will move from Foster's On The Run and become a Freshies, and we’ll continue to grow into new market areas across the state. Instead of Freshies just being part of our business, it’s how we’re going to look at our business as a whole. We view foodservice as the future of convenience retail.

We need to be fresh, innovative, and amazing at what we do.